Cards Included

MyPrepaidCenter is affiliated to Blackhawk Network, Inc. Blackhawk Network is a company that promotes the sale of these cards by introducing some great rewards programs for all the registered users.

Blackhawk Network was established in 2001 when the company introduced a new way to amplify the brand and retail sales by introducing various rewards programs. And the rewards system was brought into action with a gift card as a gift.

MyPrepaidCenter VISA Card: Visa is one of the most popular American multinational financial companies. The company was established in 1951 in the United States. The company’s primary focus is to provide an easy and convenient way to transfer the money digitally.

Since Visa is active and it provides services to every continent in the world, Visa is the second most popular monetary service providing company in the world.

MyPrepaidCenter MasterCard: Same as Visa, the MyPrepaidCenter MasterCard is an excellent platform to simplify the transfer processing. The company was established in 1966 and it has been operating successfully since then. The company also operates its services worldwide.

MyPrepaidCenter Discover: Most probably, you probably already must be knowing the Discover credit card. This is an alternative to traditional credit and debit cards. Discover Company was established in 1985 and is headquartered in the United States.

Discover is well-known for its higher credit limits and zero annual fees and is one of the best options for the middle-class residents of the USA. The company also provides lucrative rewards in the form of cash-back.

MyPrepaidCenter American Express Credit Card: American Express is one of the oldest financial companies established in 1850. The company is also well-termed as an “AMEX” or AmEx credit card. The headquarters is also situated in New York and it provides services all over the world.