MyPrepaidCenter cards are one of the latest and most promising financial things introduced in the market and it is extremely well known. However, many people are still not aware of what these cards are and how they can assist you to make your financial life easy. To learn more about prepaid cards, here are some tips on their advantages and disadvantages.

Are these cards the same as traditional credit or debit cards? It is necessary to know that these cards are not at all same as traditional credit cards or ATM cards, but have functionality similar to both. It must be known that these cards are extremely easy and secure to use. The portal of this card is a highly encrypted portal and thus it is extremely secure to be used.

Official Login or Get Support

Activate your MyPrepaidCenter card account or sign in to your account with the help of the card number as an on the official portal of this card at You can get full access to your My Prepaid Center Visa or MasterCard by creating a profile on the official portal. Access involves managing your personal profile details, checking card balance at the regular intervals, checking transaction history, and adding multiple cards to the same account.

Note: This blog is not affiliated with Blackhawk Network, Inc or MyPrepaidCenter brand, we developed this simple and easy to use portal to provide better guide and information so that users without much technical knowledge can also understand how to use the prepaid card.

MyPrepaidCenter Eligibility Criteria

Some of the points you need to keep in mind before using these cards are as follows:

  1. Each and every user of this card must be legal and the recognized citizen of the United States.
  2. The user must be ready to submit his personal details during the registration process.
  3. You must be ready to submit your proof of residence whenever asked.
  4. The age of the user using this card must be above 18.

Activate MyPrepaidCenter Account 

Firstly, it is necessary that you get a card from the BlackHawk networks. After the card gets delivered, you will be displayed the terms and conditions and more details regarding your card. You must visit the portal if you wish to activate the card. Just follow the steps given below to activate your card:

  • Make sure, that you keep the card by your side while you s and launch the browser on your PC / Android device.
  • You should visit the official MyPrepaidCenter portal at the address You can access it from any web browser. However, we recommend google chrome.
  • You must submit your card details on the portal’s activation page. Now, submit the card number, along with the expiration date on the card, along with the security code.
  • Choose the “I am not a robot” option and tap the “START” button.
  • Now, you will be directed to the “Create Profile” page. You must now submit the rest of the details on this page. These details include; Name, preferred username, an account password, email address, and security questions.
  • Submit these details and your account activation key will be dispatched via email.
  • Now, visit the portal again, and your card is ready to use.

It is mandatory for all My Prepaid Center users to activate their cards. It is extremely easy for all the users to activate their MyPrepaidCenter Card. You can easily access the portal after activating your account on this online portal. You can easily check your account balance and other information about this card on the online portal of the same. We have explained each and every information about this portal and about the My Prepaid Center Card in our article. Keep reading!

MyPrepaidCenter Login Procedure

To register yourself on this procedure, you need to follow a set of certain steps. Have a look at the registration steps of your account below:

  1. Visit the official portal at the address
  2. Now, visit the login section of this page.
  3. In this section, a login form will be displayed that will be asking about some details. These details include your login credentials.
  4. The username and password that you submitted during the registration procedure are your login credentials for your account.
  5. Now, after submitting the required details, verify it once and tap “Submit”.
  6. If the submitted details are correct, you will be redirected to your account home page. You can access your account from here. Now, you can access various services like Check MyPrepaidCenter Balance from here.

You can get MyPrepaidCenter easily from the BlackHawk network all over the United States. in everyday life. They are also considered as one of the best options to gift someone. However, the fact is that MyPrepaidCenter can be used effectively more than just a gift when it comes to amplifying business sales and making it extremely easy for customers to pay. You can sign up with My Prepaid Center to effectively use your MyPrepaidCenter Cards.

Official NameMyPrepaidCenter
CountryUnited States
Parent CompanyBlackHawk

Before utilizing MyPrepaidCenter, you must activate it immediately on the official portal. If you don’t activate your card, it cannot be used by any means. As soon as you activate your card on the online portal, it will be ready to use within a few seconds. Use your card number and expiration date to sign in or create a unique username and password for your MyPrepaidCenter accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these cards useful?

These cards help the users to clear all their bills securely within a second. Thus, users need not visit the stores physically to clear their purchase bills.

Am I eligible to use these cards?

Have a look at the eligibility criteria above. You will get a clear idea of your eligibility to use this card.

Can I use these cards outside the USA?

No. These cards are usable only in the USA.

In case, you receive your credit card the way you want and need to complete the “My Prepaid Center” active card process, which hardly takes a few minutes to complete, customers need to visit the official portal of this card at the official website. Also, resetting the account password, and the card replacement card is extremely simple.

After you activate the card, it can be used by all means. All users can use their cards at the scheduled time that solely depends on the credit limit of their card. Also, you can access the portal of the My Prepaid Center Card easily from your mobile phone by installing a simple mobile application. These cards have made the financial complications of the United States residents easy to a great extent. Thus, if you are a resident of the United States, you should visit and make sure that avail of all the benefits offered by this portal.

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